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Microchip’s Smallest & Lowest Power Clock Generators

PL611s-XX, PL611-XX, PL613-XX

In complicated circuits, it’s fairly common to have several unrelated clock frequencies to serve the needs of various system clock requirements. Microchip’s line of Low-Power Clock Generators are general purpose, high performance clock ICs, that can accept a single crystal or reference clock input and produce 1 to 8 outputs. These programmable clocks dramatically simplify timing architectures by integrating multiple crystals and oscillators in a single IC, greatly reducing size and power requirements, while increasing quality and reliability of the system.  They can also convert a low-frequency input to up to 200MHz output.   


General purpose clocking, multiple crystal and oscillator replacement, where reference input is present.

Video conferencing, Audio equipment, Networking, Augmented reality, Femtocell, Set-top boxes, Optical networks, Multi-function printers, Routers, Laser meters, Test equipment, Drones


  • 1-3 PLLs to generate 1 to 8 output frequencies
  • Ultra-low power at 1.8V
    • 32 kHz, PLL off: 0.2 mA (PL611s-19)
    • Single PLL: 1.25 mA typical (1 output running at 30 MHz) (PL611s-02)
    • Three PLLs: 4.7 mA typical (3 outputs running at 40 MHz, one at 32.768 kHz) (PL613-21)
  • Power down mode (PDB): <5 μA typical
  • Smallest footprint: 2.0 × 1.3 × 0.6 mm, 2 outputs (PL611s)
  • Various voltage levels on each output (PL613-21)
  • Two IC options with programmable differential output (PL611-30 and PL611-31)


MCHP Power Clock


Two Low-Power clocks supporting HD Video Drones

MCHP Power Clock1

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