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MCP331x ADCs Series from Microchip for low power applications

Successive Approximation Register (SAR) Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) are a great choice when you need low power consumption and superior AC and DC performance. Our SAR(Successive Approximation Register) ADC portfolio includes devices that range from 10-bit to 16-bit resolution and offer a wide selection of speeds, features and package types to meet your specific design needs.

For automotive applications, Microchip offers the only automotive-rated 1 Msps, 16/14/12-bit Differential Input SAR with AEC-Q100 qualification currently available on the market.

MCP33151(D)/41(D)-10/05 is fully AEC-Q100Qualified (Temperature Grade 1: -40°C to +125°C). This family is recommended for all automotive designs

Why to use MCP331x parts:

  • Is designed to operate in high temperature and high electromagnetic environment
  • Low power consumption saves power and related costs
  • Smaller footprint equals less PCB and less cost
  • MCP331x1D-10 is the only 1Msps, full differential input SAR ADC with AEC-Q100 qualifications in the market
  • Self Calibration features improve offset, gain, and linearity errors
  • 16/14/12-Bit Resolution ADC




  • Motor control applications
  • Medical instruments like Glucose, Cholesterol, ECG/EKG, Heart Rate 
  • High precision data acquisition
  • Industrial & consumer data acquisition systems
  • Switch-mode power supply applications
  • Battery-power equipment
  • Test Equipment
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Management Systems

More information about Microchips ADCs please find here.

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