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Microchip – Improve 32-bit performance and connectivity with the PIC32MZ EF series




High speed and performance for high-bandwidth applications

  • 32-bit MCU with DSP-enhanced core
    • 200 MHz/330 DMIPS, MIPS M-class core
    • Up to 2MB dual-panel live update Flash memory
    • 512KB SRAM memory
  • High performance and lower latency for high bandwidth applications
    • FPU for fast single- and double-precision math
    • 12-bit, 18 MSPS, 48-channel ADC module
  • Widest range of PIC32 connectivity options
    • UART, I2C, PMP, EBI, SQI
    • SPI/I2S interfaces for audio processing and playback
  • Best-in-class peripheral options
    • Low-cost controllerless graphics up to a WQVGA
    • Hardware crypto engine with random number generator