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Microchip`s delta-sigma ADCs MCP356x/346x with focus on high-resolution, accuracy and speed matter

Microchip`s high-resolution, lower-power delta-sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) supporting superior noise immunity and 16- to 24-bit resolutions are well suited for use in for high-precision industrial applications. So it`s suitable for applications like precision measurement, sensor signal conditioning, power monitoring and battery management. Other features, like voltage reference and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), can cut the number of external components needed in your system design to reduce its complexity and costs.



  • High resolution and lower noise for a variety of precision applications
  • Low power consumption for the given speed extends battery life in portable applications
  • Small package options, such as SOT-23 or 2 × 3 mm DFN packages, are ideal for space-constrained designs
  • Integrated features can simplify design and optimize total system cost

MCP356x/346x Delta-Sigma ADC Family

Key Feature Summary

MCP356x/346x Delta-Sigma ADC Family

  • 16- to 24-bit Resolution
  • 1/2/4 Differential Input Channels or 2/4/8
  • Single ended Channels
  • Data Rate up to 6ksps
  • Programmable Gain: 33X to 64X
  • Internal Oscillator
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • SPI Interface
  • Small Package: UQFN 20 (3mm X 3mm)
  • Low Noise
  • Low Gain Error and Offset Error Drift
  • Sensor Open/Short Detection
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Extended Temperature Range: 40 C to +125 C


  • Precision Sensor Transducers and Transmitters: Pressure, Strain, Flow and Force Measurement
  • Factory Automation and Process Controls
  • Portable Instrumentation
  • Temperature Measurements
  • IOT applications

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