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Microchip`s Inductive Sensor solution ICs LX33xx series for various of motor control application


Microchip`s LX33xx Inductive Sensor solutions offering significant advantages over existing Hall effect and other magnetic sensors. Our sensor interface ICs measure linear and angular/rotation movement found in a variety of automotive, industrial, aerospace and commercial applications. They are excellent solutions for high-reliability and safety-critical industrial and automotive position sensor applications. Such as automobile throttle body, transmission gear sensing, electronic power steering and accelerator pedals. These unique inductive position field sensors give accurate position measurements, are immune to stray magnetic fields and don’t require an external magnetic device. AEC-Q100 Grade 1 (−45 to +125°C) and Grade 0 (−45 to +150°C) certified and ISO 26262 compliant solutions are available.

Advantages of Inductive Position Sensors Versus Hall Effect Sensors


Improved Accuracy

  • Very low temperature drift
  • Ratio metric measurement
  • Dynamic signal compensation


Immunity to Magnetic Fields

  • Active rejection of stray magnetic fields
  • Common mode rejection of external noise sources


Lower System Costs

  • No magnets required
  • Directly interface with Electronic Control Unit (ECU)/host


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