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Operational Amplifiers from Microchip

Complete product range including General Purpose, Precision, Zero Drift and PGA operational amplifiers 

Microchip offers a wide range of both general purpose and precision operational amplifiers, with gain-bandwidth products

MC OppAmp

(GBWP) ranging from 9 kHz up to 410 MHz. These devices feature low quiescent current for the given GBWP, making them ideal for low power applications. In addition to low quiescent current, many families also offer a Chip-Select pin to minimise current when not active. For applications that require high precision, Microchip offers a variety of low offset voltage amplifiers featuring EPROM trimming, zero drift and mCal Technology, which provides on-demand calibration of the input offset voltage.


General Purpose

GBWP from 9 kHz to 410 MHz Operating voltage as low as 1.4V Supply current as low as 450 nA Enhanced EMI Rejection

Precision Amplifiers

VOS less than 150 µV Ultra Low Quiescent Current Temperature Range of -40°C to +125°C

Zero Drift Amplifiers

High DC Precision VOS as low as 2 µV Low offset drift 50 nV/°C Superior CMRR/PSRR Low Quiescent Current

Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGA)

These Amplifiers demostrate high-speed and low offset with the ability to control gain and channel through a SPI port

Selectable Gain Amplifier (SGA)

Optimised for single-supply applications requiring reasonable quiescent current and speed, the SGA’s can be configured for multiple gains through the Gain Select input pin(s).

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