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NFC Product Portfolio

RFID Technologies

RFID Technology LF HF UHF
Operating frequency 125 kHz – 134 kHz 13.56 MHz 860 MHz – 960 MHz
Max. operating distance up to 0,1m Vicinity: up to 1mProximity: up to 10 cm Vicinity: up to 10m


NFC in the Wireless Spectrum


  • Consumer Home Appliance
  • Gaming
  • Asset Tracking
  • Industrial
  • Smart Home
  • Wirless actuation EPD Display
  • Copy protection
  • Health Care
  • Brand Recognition Accessory
  • Transport / Logistics
  • Access Control
  • Point of Sales
  • Authentification


ST25 NFC / RFID Tags & Readers

  • 10 years longevity availability for ST25T& ST25D

Tools & Software

  • Starterkits

  • Tag Bags

  • Software

  • AppNotes




Application Examples

HF Card Reader



UHF Card Reader

Products: ST25R3911B/12-16

Winning Features ST25R3911B (NFC Reader):

  • Ultra Low Power at standby mode: 5 μA (best feature in the market) – capacitive sensor turns on the rest by approximation
  • Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT)
  • 1 watt HF-output power
  • Analog front end (AFE) / data framing system
  • EMV Features (for payment systems)

 Winning Features ST25RU3993 (UHF Reader):

  • Low Power
  • Transparent / Dense Reader Mode
  • Frequency-hopping
  • CRC check
  • Power Amplifier

Bike Rental Station

Products: HF Reader ST25R3911B/12-16

Winning Features:

  • High RF-Output Power
  • Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT)

Torsional moment measurement

Products: HF Reader ST25R3911B/12-16

Winning Features:

  • Low Price
  • Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT)

Refresh Mobile Phone – Display & Energy Harvesting


Products: HF Reader ST25R3911B/12-16 + Dynamic Tag ST25DV16K / 64K

Winning Features:

  • Low Power
  • Low Cost Solution

HF Card Reader – payment Terminal

Products: HF Reader ST25R3911B/12-16

Winning Features:

  • Wide temperature range: -40 °C to 125 °C ( for outdoor application)
  • Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT) system providing tuning of antenna LC tank in critical environment like metal

Factory tracking / Industrial reader for logistics

Products: UHF Reader ST25RU3993-BQFT

Winning Features:

  • enables UHF reader design with mid sized MCU, no need for high performance MPU
  • small package

ST does not support NXP MIFARE Ultralight, DESFire, Classic and Legic Standard