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New IoT solution based on PIC architecture – PIC-IoT WG Development Board – best of SMART, CONNECTED & SECURE designed in collaboration with the Google Cloud IoT Core Team

After the AVR-IOT WG evaluation board, released back in October of last year, Microchip is announcing today a new PIC based IoT development board combining a friendly PIC microcontroller, a CryptoAuthentication deivce (secure element), and a fully certified Wi-Fi network controller. Both boards were designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of AVR and PIC microcontrollers in small IoT Sensor and Actuator Node solutions.


The project was developed in collaboration with the Google Cloud IoT Core team in order to provide an optimal “out of box” experience. These boards offer the simplest and most effective way to connect new and existing embedded applications to the Google Cloud platform. Each board comes pre-provisoned and is able to connect and start streaming light and and temperature data to a free sandbox account for immediate, real-time visualization.

The fundamental innovation is represented by the use of a “Divide and Conquer” approach to IoT solutions, where smart modules (WINC1510, ATECC608A) offload the MCU from the complex networking protocols and crypto-authentication algorithms implementation.

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