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Microchip Analog Spotlight – MCP6C02

Zero-Drift, 65V High-Side Current Sense Amplifier

General Information

MCP6C02 is a single high-side current sense amplifier designed specifically to sense the current through a shunt resistor and convert this measurement to a proportional output voltage.
The input pins can support voltages up to 65V. The output voltage range will be determined by a separate supply pin, which spans 2V to 5.5V to make it easy to interface to an ADC or MCU that is operating at 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V.


  • Input (common mode) voltages:
    • +3.0V to +65V, specifi ed
    • +2.8V to +68V, operating
    • −0.3V to +70V, survival
  • Power supply: +2.0V to +5.5V
  • Max input off set:
    • ±16 μV at gain = 20
    • ±14 μV at gain = 5
    • ±12 μV at gain = 100
  • Bandwidth: 500 kHz (G=20/50), 350 kHz (G=100)
  • On-chip EMI filtering
  • Package: 6-pin SOT-23
  • Extended temperature: −40°C to +125 °C

Turbo Charger with Actuator Controller


  • Motor control
  • Analog level shifter
  • Industrial computing
  • Battery monitor


  • Zero-drift architecture supports very low input errors and low power dissipation
  • Provides an amplifi ed output voltage proportional to the measure current
  • Reference pin allows for both unidirectional or bidirectional current measurement

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