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Digital Potentiometers from Microchip

Microchip offers a wide variety of digital potentiometer (digipot) products that service a broad range of applications. These low-power, compact devices feature 6 to 8 bits of resolution, 1 to 4 channel counts, and are available in both volatile and non-volatile memory types. Tiny packaging such as SC-70 and DFN (2×3) is offered for space constraint systems. High voltage digipot devices that can support +/- 18V dual voltage operation or 10V to 36V single voltage operation are also available.High-Voltage-Digital-Potentiometers-1403145277




Featured Products

MPC41HV51 MCP4561 MCP4017
medium-MCP41HV51-TSSOP-14 medium-MCP4561-MSOP-8 medium-MCP4017-SC70-6
36V or +/-18V, Single-channel, 8-bit, high voltage digital potentiometer
with SPI interface
Single channel, 8-bit Digital Potentiometer with EEPROM
and SPI Interface
Tiny SC-70 package,Single channel, 7-bit Digital Potentiometer
with I2C Interface

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