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EINK – SPECTRA™ 3100 – 4 Color Ink System

E Ink Spectra 3100 is the next generation of E Ink’s Spectra products. Spectra 3100 is a four-pigment ink system that addresses retailers’ requests for additional colour functionality by using black, white, red and yellow particles to provide vibrant colour rich content.

Spectra 3100 has improved refresh time and an extended temperature range for red and yellow states to meet retailers’ needs for running ESL labels in different environments within their shops.

In addition, Spectra 3100 is offered in panels with an upgraded all-in-one driver IC (AIO) that supports higher resolution premium ESLs in a variety of sizes.

To enable the use in different applications, Eink will offer various display sizes from 1.64″ to 8.14″ (AIO) as well as 25.3″ & 28″ models for large-area displays.

Through the targeted use of colour rendering algorithms (dithering), the four colours can be used for much more complex image content, so that the intended use is not limited to simple text-based content.

If you see further requirements in your applications, please let us know. Together with Eink we will be happy to discuss them in order to optimize the mid-term portfolio of this new product family.

For applications that require approximately 65,000 colours, Eink offers another four-colour multi-pigment system with the ACeP™ technology. We would be happy to advise you on which of the colour EPDs offer the greatest added value for your application.

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