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Dialog – Ultra Low Power / Low system Cost – SmartBond™ DA14531 TINY™ Module


Based on the DA14531 TINY™ BLE SoC

  • World’s best on low power consumption!
  • Bluetooth 5.1 core qualified BLE Stack
  • Integrated antenna and RF design
  • State-of-the-art radio
  • High Quality, Cost Effective Module !
  • SW updates over-the-air (SUOTA)
  • 8 GPIOs
    • For I/O, ADC, SPI, I2C, PWM, Timers
  • Worldwide qualified and certified!
  • Chip down support also…. 5 ext components !
    • smallest solution on the market.

Target Applications

  • Simple BLE connectivity pipes added to existing MCU designs
    • For easy configuration of equipment or appliance with a smartphone app
  • Simple wireless IoT sensors
  • Remote controls
  • Beacons Beacons
  • Asset tracking tags
  • Medical equipment
  • Metering
  • Labels

DA14531 SmartBond Module

We make it simple! Configurable Hardware & BLE with simple AT Commands, no software dev..

AT Command control of

  • Hardware interfaces
  • BLE link control
  • Local and BLE Remote controlled device

AT commands examples

  • Sleep mode management
  • Management of bonding database of connected devices
  • BLE Connection management (interval, data rate etc.)
  • Binary mode for data transfer
  • Central and peripheral support
  • Software Update Over The Air Support
  • Security management (secure connections)
  • Configuration and control SPI and UART interfaces
  • Mobile APP support to control devices from smartphone