ams – Spectral Tuning IoT Smart Lighting Manager AS7221


  • Accurate measurements of ambient brightness and color in luminaires
  • Direct mapping to CIE 1931 standard observer color space
  • Automatic lumen and color maintenance over temperature and time
  • PWM drive for control of LED channels, 0-10V for dimming control
  • Serial UART for simple interface to standard network clients

General Description

The AS7221 Cognitive Lighting™ family of products enable lights to be “aware” adapting to their surroundings to autonomously manage lighting to meet esthetic, quality and energy e ciency needs. This network-enabled Smart Lighting Manager incorporates an embedded digital tri-stimulus true color nano-optic sensor providing direct CIE1931 XYZ and CIE 1976 u’v’ coordinate mapping for closed-loop, autonomous adjustment of variable CCT and spectrally-tunable LED lamps and luminaires. Luminaire control is accomplished through 0-10V compatible dimming input, plus 3 direct PWM channels, one of which can be optionally enabled for 0-10V analog dimming output. Access to the simple text-based Smart Lighting Command Set is enabled by inclusion of a serial UART interface, which allows easy integration to standard network clients. Built-in support for daylight harvesting is available with the addition of supported ams ambient light sensors, such as the TSL4531. Wider IoT-connected sensor expansion is accomplished via the integrated I2C interface that is fully supported with bridge commands within the Smart Lighting Command Set.


  • Smart home and smart building
  • Variable CCT general lighting industrial lighting
  • Retail and hospitality lighting with white-color tuning
  • LED tro ers, panel and downlights
  • LED replacement lamps (LED bulbs)


  • Integrated sensing with autonomous luminaire management
  • CCT-tunability corresponding to CIE 1931 color space
  • Extensible capabilities to support daylight harvesting
  • Con gurable scene-based operation options
  • IoT sensor hub capabilities via I2C expansion bus and networking

Color and brightness control

AS7221 blockdiagramm

Daylight harvesting


XYZ tri-stimulus sensor


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