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The AS7220 Calibrated CCT and Lumen Maintenance Smart Lighting Manager is equipped with an advanced Cognitive Lighting Engine (CLE) to optimize CCT and lumen and color maintenance via a combination of PWM and/or 0-10V controls with dimming ballasts. Configurable single CCT lifetime target values are stored by the luminaire manufacturer within the attached flash EPROM, or are selectable using an I²C port expander. Target lumen output lux-criteria are similarly configurable and are used by the AS7220 to correlate internal lux to manage PWM mapping to allow automatic compensation for lumen output to be maintained over the life of the light.

CIE Tri-Stimulus XYZ chromatic white/color sensing provides accurate CCT measurement to allow closed loop compensation to the preset target. The AS7220 is delivered fully calibrated, while the integrated intelligence enables lifetime CCT calibration to within 2-4 Macadam steps.

Key Features

  • XYZ tri-stimulus chromatic sensing
  • Delivers algorithmic closed loop target point white CCT and lumen output tuning (single CCT)
  • Presets configurable into flash memory, or via I²C port expander
  • Calibrated nano-optic silicon interference filters
  • 20-pin LGA 4.5 x 4.7 x 2.5mm, 0°C to +85°C

Key Benefits

  • Accurate supervision to a single CCT target to maintain color temperature over lifetime
  • Delivers lifetime lumen maintenance via internal lux-to-PWM remapping
  • Rapid luminaire integration
  • Lifetime-calibrated sensing
  • Compact package with no added optics required

Product Facts

Sensor Type CIE Tri-Stimulus XYZ
Application Closed loop color point and lumen compensation
Reference Networking n/a
Smart Ltg Command Set n/a
Lux/CCT Control Hardware Config
I²C Master
Package 20-pin LGA with aperture


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