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Dialog`s GreenPAK solutions: Broad set of Mixed Signal ICs with In-System Programmability and Advanced Analog Features within one package

GreenPAK – Dialog – Simplify, reduce your board space & part count


The GreenPAK Series is an IC similar to a CPLD but also containing mixed signal functions. One device can replace discrete logic, implement custom functions, reduce size, save cost, and they can provide design security and global traceability.

GreenPAKs one-time-programmable (OTP) non-volatile-memory (NVM) Mixed-Signal Matrix ICs can integrate many system functions to minimize components, reduce PCB space, and lower the power consumption.


Key Features:

  • Reduce power consumption (200nA-300uA)
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Secure (unique serial Number)
  • Small package TQFN 0.4 mm pitch
  • Low cost
  • In-system programmable with I2C
  • Multi programmable / one time programmable
  • Free software GreenPak Designer (Win,iOS and Linux)
  • Option for SPICE Simulation
  • Youtube training videos are available
  • Dialog can create designs from full schematic reviews



What is inside? Almost Everything!

They contain logic blocks (LUT’s, DFF’s), timing blocks (oscillators, counters, delays) and analog blocks (ACMP’s, ADC’s, DAC’s, temp sensors) as well as standard bus interfaces (SPI, I2C), hardware-based state machines, load switches, LDO’s, op amps, high voltage VDD rails, and many other GPIO options. 


Design a GreenPAK with everything you need!

Easy-to-use GUI-based Design Software: 

We can then create your design – absolutely free of charge.


  • Design creation is free
  • Samples are free
  • No NRE, No Production commitment
  • MOQ is 3k pcs
  • 4-6 Week Production Lead-Time
  • Custom Datasheet
  • Customer-only-Product


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