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Complete NFC solution for embedded applications hands-on workshop

NFC hands-on workshop invitation


Join our free NFC hands-on workshop


Discover how NFC tags change the way your application interacts with smartphones or other NFC devicesST

In this workshop, you will learn how Tags, dynamic NFC tags and NFC transceiver ICs enable your application to exchange data, connect to the internet, ensure commissioning of wireless devices, and optimize your production line and after-sale maintenance in a simple and affordable way.




Benefits you will take away:

  • Essentials of NFC and RFID technologies, standards, and regulations
  • Demonstration of use cases to identify the best NFC technology for your application
  • Technical overview of ST products within a complete NFC system
  • Hands-on exercises using key development ecosystem tools

The workshop is based on ST25 Discovery kits, ST25R2911B discovery and NFC tags. All attendees will receive this complimentary ST25 Discovery pack that they can take home.

Seminar locations and dates




October 19, 2017


October 26, 2017


November 16, 2017