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Mircochip MPU Product Overview – Questionnnaire & MPU Lottery


Customer Requirements & Challenges

  • Linux operating system is required for IoTchalllenges
  • Lowest Power Linux processor
  • Up to 600 MHz operation
  • Enhanced security features
  • Video and UI peripherals
  • Extended product availability
  • TrustZone® technology
  • Up to 105°C operating temperature range



Important things to consider in selecting the best product for your application

Within “Advanced Series – ATSAMA5D2” there are two possible solutions: System in Package (SIP) Vs. System on Module (SOM)


Option A: SiP

  • MCU and DDRAM integrated
  • Simplifies PCB Design
  • Best cost structure
  • Choose external components that best fit your application

Option B: SOM

  • Ready-made Module
  • Fast time to market
  • Reduce costs for Linux integration
  • Ethernet-PHY, QSPI Flash, EEPROM, PMIC already integrated
  • Easy to use – Less internal development expertise required



WHY to choose Microchip + Ineltek over competiting solutions

  • Ineltek MPU FAE Expert Team in house
  • Ineltek design-in expertise service and logistic concepts
  • Regular LINUX software updates for complete MPU portfolio including long-running products – outstanding feature within semiconductor industry
  • Secure boot and lates Linux ports enable you to keep your system up to date in the field
  • Excellent Microchip Driver and Mainline Linux support
  • Advanced Microchip MPU support Team and Tools
  • Embedded Software Integration Team
  • Long term availability – parts will not discontinued – Microchip EOL policy
  • One-Stop-Shop for Complementary parts


Complementary Parts for your MPU Linux application:



Questionnaire & MPU Lottery

Please let us know your feedback about Microchip MPU Solutions. We will draw 3 winners from all respondents to receive an ATSAM5D27-SOM1.

Three respondants will be drawn to receive ATSAM5D27-SOM1 modules.


    Product overview & RoadmapDetailed product feature introductionLinux integrationHands-on sessions

    Yes I already use MCHP MPU solution within my application and I`m confident with it !Yes I already use MCHP MPU solution within my application but I may need to migrate now !No I use another solution with lower operation mode but now it`s necessary to think about MPU solution because of additional needed features within my applicationNo I use another MPU solution from competitor


    32bit-platteThe Microchip SAMA5D27-SOM1 eliminates the complexity of managing signal integrity, EMI and ESD for high speed interfaces and power management in MPU-based industrial Linux designs. The SOM makes it easy to get products to market faster and lowers the risk in design, product obsolescence and logistics issues due to significant reduction of suppliers.