Suitable solutions for different types of camera applications.

For your camera application, we can offer you optimised solutions to accelerate your time-to-market strategy with short implementation cycles.

With PMICs from Active-Semi, Timing Device ICs in combination with crystals, oscillators, RTC and MEMS from Epson, Microchip and Micro Crystal, along with high-speed interface solutions with APIX from Inova or data/video transceivers, USB-Ethernet bridges from Microchip and RJ45 connectors from Link-PP.


Part Number Power Manager  
  Step-Down LDO
ACT88320 3 2
ACT88325 NEW 3 2
ACT88326 NEW 3 2
ACT8840 4 9
ACT88430 NEW 4 3
ACT8847 4 9
ACT8846 4 9
ACT8849 4 9
ACT8865 4 3
ACT8870 4 3
ACT8892 4 3
ACT8931A 4 3
ACT8945A 4 3
ACT8964A 4 3

More Information:

Timing Devices

Quartz / Oscillator

MEMS Clock & Timing

High-Speed Interface

APIX 2 / 3:



RJ45 Connector:


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