AMS – NanEye Micro Camera Modules


The NanEye GS sensor is a compact package of only 3.4mm side length, a full VGA resolution image sensor with global shutter. Ideal for pulsed illumination applications and ultra compact light weight vision applications of fast processes. The frame rate of up to 100 images per second and the synchronous electronic shutter provide blur free images at high speed, optionally, an adapted miniature optics. The  device is directly mounted on the interface board.


Key features:

Part status Pre-production
Resolution 0.41 MP – 640 (H) x 640 (V)
Pixel size 3.6 x 3.6
Optical format 1/5″
Shutter type Global shutter
Frame rate 100 – 50 – 25 fps
Output interface 10 bit digital LVDS
Sensitivity 12 DN/nJ/cm2
Full well charge  12 ke-
Dynamic range 60 dB
Extended dynamic range Yes
Fixed pattern noise DSNU: 4 [DN] PRNU: 2%
Chroma  Mono and RGB
Supply voltage 3.3 V
Power Nominal supply 3.3 V – 100 mW
Operating temperature range 0° – 60°C
RoHS compliance Yes
Package Chip + PCB + Lens + Connector + Cable


  • Minimally invasive surgery equipment
  • Rigid and flexible endoscopes
  • Low cost reuse & disposable endoscopes
  • Locator devices and incretion guides


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