Thermal Management


Thermal Management

Temperature Sensors

Microchip thermal sensors are tailored to a variety of desired tasks. Analog temperature sensors output voltage and interface well with ADCs. Digital temperature sensors, both local and remote, are I2C or SPI compatible. And Temperature switches result in on/off logic control.

Analog Output

  • +/- 2oC (max.), 0oC to +70oC
  • Operating current as low as 6uA (typical)
  • Extended Temp Range: -40oC to +125oC
  • 10mV/oC and 19.5mV/oC linear temperature slopes

Digital Temperature Sensors

Temperature Switch/Thermostat IC

  • ±0.5°C typical threshold accuracy
  • 2.7V to 18V available supply voltages
  • Dual trip-points for TC620/621/623
  • External temperature sensor for TC621

Thermocouple ICs

  • Supported Thermocouple Sensor Types: K, J, T, N, S, E, B, T, R
  • Integrated error correction
  • Integrated Cold-Junction Compensation
  • Integrated Digital Filtering

Fan Controllers

Closed loop fan control includes look-up tables, PID loop control, alert to locked rotors and blocked air path. A majority of the PWM and linear fan controllers feature integrated temperature sensing.

Closed Loop Fan Controllers

  • Built-in Fan ramp rate and Spin-up Control
  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Multi-zone Control- up to 4 temps
  • 8 entry lookup tables

Fan Controller and Fault Detectors

  • Temperature proportional fan speed control
  • FanSense technology protects against fan and system failure and eliminates need for 3-wire fans

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