Standard Serial Flash Memory


Adesto Technologies Standard Serial Flash product families include the AT25xxx product lines: the AT25SF (dual and quad I/O), AT25DL (low power) and AT25DFxxxA (standard). The AT25xxx product lines continue to offer customers a variety of Serial Flash products that incorporate some of the industry's most advanced and flexible features, many of which are unparalleled by other solutions on the market. The AT25 series incorporates a uniform block-erase (4-KBytes, 32-KBytes, and 64-KBytes) architecture to provide a high level of flexibility for a wide variety of code storage applications.


Key Features:

  • Flexible storage for boot code, program code, vital preference data or logged data
  • Industry-standard SPI interface reduces pin counts and simplifies routing
  • Easy migration: Adesto SPI devices are pin-compatible and require only 4 pins to connect to the MCU for easy migration path to higher densities without board changes.
  • Uniform block erase architecture is ideal for embedded code and data storage
  • Comprehensive security and unique ID features protect the device from outside tampering

Product Overview:

Product Density Speed Vcc Range Interface
AT25SF041 4Mbit 104MHz 2.5-3.6V SPI/Dual-Quad I/O
AT25SF081 8Mbit 104MHz 2.5-3.6V SPI/Dual-Quad I/O
AT25DF081A 8Mbit 100MHz 2.7-3.6V SPI
AT25DL081 8Mbit 85MHz 1.65-1.95V SPI/Dual-I/O
AT25SF161 16Mbit 104MHz 2.5-3.6V SPI/Dual-Quad I/O
AT25DL161 16Mbit 85MHz 1.65-1.95V SPI/Dual-I/O
AT25SF321 32Mbit 104MHz 2.5-3.6V SPI/Dual-Quad I/O
AT25DF321A 32Mbit 100MHz 2.7-3.6V SPI
AT25DF641A 64Mbit 100MHz 2.7-3.6V SPI

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