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Data Privacy Statement

This data privacy statement pertains to the website of Ineltek GmbH, Ineltek GmbH is provider of and is therefore responsible for the content of all pages on that website. Some pages on the website include links to other providers outside Ineltek GmbH. Ineltek GmbH is not able to ensure the data privacy of these pages and their content.

Personal data accumulated on the website will only be compiled, processed and used according German data privacy law.

All users are able to remain anonymous within the Ineltek GmbH website. Although you can enter your name and address into our online form, we will not use your personal information to compromise your anonymity.

How will we use your data?

In relation to our website, different kinds of personal data will be captured which we will use in following manner:

  • If you send us an email/notice or inquiry via our website (e.g. an RFQ) we will use your personal data to prepare an offer or to edit your order.
  • If you send us your personal data because of participation at one of our customer workshops, we will use your data for confirmation of your registration.

From time to time we record web statistics related to the use of the Ineltek website. These records will be collected anonymously and we will use these statistics to optimize and analyze our web presence offer and content.

Who will use your data?

  • Enquiries and emails/notices you send us via the website will be edited by employees of Ineltek GmbH. Your data will never be shared with third parties.

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