High-Voltage Interface


High Voltage Interface products provide level translation and amplification, connecting low voltage control circuits to other high voltage circuits for one to multiple signals. Products vary from simple MOSFETs of different types to complex HV ICs. Different digital interfaces include simple digital inputs, to more complex protocols such as SPI, I2C, with data rates to 10s of MHz. The more complex IC products enable serial to parallel conversion functionality, supporting voltages to 300V, with output channel count ranging from as few as 4 to as many as 128, and other features.


MOSFETs - Interface


Driver Arrays


Amplifiers/MEMS Drivers

HV Driver Amplifier Arrays provide level translation and high voltage amplifiers for multiple signals. Different digital interfaces include simple digital inputs, to more complex protocols. The Arrays provide amplified signals, supporting voltages up to 300V with output channel count up to 32. , with and other control and protection features. The HV Amplifier series largely finds application in capacitive drive applications, such as drivers for MEMS analog mirrors for laser beam steering as used in networking, LIDAR, imaging, and other applications.


Application Specific

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