AMS released the new high-precision position sensors AS5047P and AS5147P

AS5047P – High Resolution Rotary Position Sensor

Unparalleled accuracy over full temperature range at high speed in latest version of ams’ 47 series magnetic position sensor

  • DAEC™ Dynamic Angle Error Compensation
  • 14-bit core resolution
  • 12-bit decimal & binary incremental pulse count
  • High efficiency in motor & position control
  • Immune to external stray magnetic fields
Benefits Features
  • High speed application
  • Easy to use – saving costs on DSP
  • High resolution for motor & position control
  • Simple optical encoder replacement
  • No programmer needed (via SPI command)
  • Versatile choice of the interface
  • Lower system costs (no shielding)


  • Up to 28.000 rpm
  • DAEC™ Dynamic angle error compensation
  • 14-bit core resolution
  • ABI programmable decimal and binary pulsecount: 1000, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 25, 1024, 512, 256 ppr
  • Zero position, configuration programmable
  • Independent output interfaces: SPI, ABI, UVW, PWM
  • Immune to external stray field

ams AS5047P

AS5147P – Safety-critical automotive applications

High speed rotary position sensor from ams ideal for use in safety-critical automotive applications.

  • DAECTM Dynamic Angle Error Compensation
  • AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
  • 14-bit core resolution, 12-bit binary incremental pulse count
  • Immune to external stray-magnetic fields
  • Highest accuracy
  • Developed as Safety Element out-of-context (SEooC) according ISO26262



  • Eliminates angle measurement lag at high RPMs
  • Lower system costs (no shielding)
  • High resolution for motor and position control
  • Simple replacement – reduces system cost
  • Fast high-resolution position feedback
  • Provides absolute and incremental angle measurements
  • No programmer needed (via SPI command)
  • Enables ASIL-x system safety level compliance
  • DAEC™ Dynamic angle error compensation
  • Immune to external stray-magnetic fields
  • 14-bit core resolution
  • Encoder output: 1024 pulses
  • Maximum speed up to 28.000 rpm
  • SPI, PWM, UVW and ABI Interfaces
  • Zero position, configuration programmable
  • Developed per ISO 26262 SEooC

ams AS5147P

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